14 Days of Hustle – Day 10

Excerpt Ten

Copyright © 2015 Cynthia D’Alba
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Publication

He let himself into the cabin and closed the door with a quiet snick. The place was silent and still. Porchia wasn’t in the living room or the kitchen. She’d mentioned a nap. The door to the bedroom was ajar. When he looked in, his heart bottomed out.

Porchia was lying on her side, eyes shut, mouth slightly open. Her long blond hair fanned over a couple of pillows. The late afternoon sun threw shadows around the room, but not on Porchia. Golden rays of sun fell across her body like small spotlights aimed to highlight all her gorgeous features.

He watched her sleep for longer than necessary. Her beauty was stunning. But her looks were only a small part of what made her special. She was also smart, clever, funny and sarcastic. Honest as the day is long, as his grandfather used to say. People loved her for all that.

Darren loved her for all that and more.

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