14 Days of Hustle – Day 12

Excerpt Twelve

Copyright © 2015 Cynthia D’Alba
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Publication

It was October, so the weather should be warm, but it was also Texas. Anything was possible. Finally, she’d packed shorts, T-shirts, a couple of bathing suits, jeans, a jacket and some long-sleeve shirts. She didn’t even want to think about how many pairs of shoes she packed.

Darren lifted her bags out and groaned. “Good Lord, woman. We’re only going to be gone ten days. On top of that, it’s camping.”

Porchia opened her eyes wide as though in shock. “Do you mean I didn’t need to bring those two long cocktail dresses?”

Darren chuckled and stowed her bags in the back seat of his truck. “I’m hoping you packed high heels for those dresses.”

Porchia flipped her long hair over her shoulder. “Of course. Don’t be a rube.”

Prize – Turquoise Blossom Bracelet

Turquoise Blossom Bracelet

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