A Cowboy’s Seduction

A Sand Castle Resort Novella

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ASIN: B01695FM2A

Format: Digital eBook

Originally Published in the Cowboy 12-Pack Collection

One exhausted cowboy + One uptight account x A tropical resort = A hot seduction. But who is seducing whom?

Brock Wade has raised his brothers and sister since their parents’ deaths fourteen years ago. All work and no vacation can make a cowboy a tad grumpy, or at least that’s what his family and crew believe. Brock wants to spend the two weeks before Christmas working as usual. Instead he’s forced by his siblings to take a vacation to the Sand Castle Resort…a vacation he doesn’t want to a Caribbean resort he’s never heard of. He’s sure he’ll be miserable the whole time.

Natalie Diamond is dreaming of getting out of icy Memphis and down to her parents’ oceanfront condo for a couple of weeks of rest and warmth. When her parents accept an out-of-town invitation, she’s sure she’ll be stuck at home watching it sleet and snow. But instead of leaving Natalie shivering, her parents send her on an all-expense paid trip to the Sand Castle Resort.

A casual friendship over drinks rapidly evolves into a hot seduction, which is great until feelings get involved. When vacation is over, Brock and Natalie are forced to make the difficult decision to walk away or see where life might lead them.

But falling in love in two weeks isn’t possible. Right?

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A Cowboy’s Seduction

© 2014 Cynthia D’Alba

“Dance?” He held out his hand. His question was met with a broad smile as she slipped her hand into his. That tingle from before started again, a ripple that initiated at their joined hands and rolled up his arm before moving through his entire body.

They walked from under the bar’s tiki-thatched roof and onto the sand. She kicked off her sandals, leaving them off to the side. He followed her lead, leaving his beside hers. He slipped his arms around her waist while she looped hers around his neck. Holding her snuggly against him, they began to move to the slow tempo of If Tomorrow Never Comes.

He drew in a deep breath, taking in the aroma of vanilla and oranges from the strands of her hair that’d landed under his nose. At six-foot-three-inches, Brock always had to bend a lot to accommodate dancing with most women. But not so with Natalie. Her head rested comfortably on his shoulder, and, for that, his back thanked God.

When she hummed quietly along with the tune, he pulled her tighter against him, insanely pleased that she knew the song, which was totally stupid on his part. Still, he tightened his hold, pressing her full breasts against his chest. His heart galloped a little faster and it wasn’t because of the song’s tempo. How crazy was it that here he was, thousands of miles from home, and the one woman who tripped his trigger lived only a little over four hours from him?

She had to know he was attracted. Hell, the evidence was cradled between them. Even as the thought occurred, he felt his cock growing harder, but she didn’t pull away. Instead she moved in, letting him know she knew.

Slipping his leg between hers, he moved her slowly around the sandy dance area. Sadly, he knew the song well enough to recognize the final musical notes.

The next song had an upbeat tempo which didn’t require holding on to Natalie and, damn, he hated the feeling of separation as he pulled his arms away. She seemingly felt the same as her limbs untwined slowly from him. As they moved apart, she gave him a smile that sent all his blood rushing from his head to below his waist, then she laughed and whirled around, shaking her luscious booty to the beat of the music.

Brock laughed and danced, two actions that’d been sorely lacking in his life for years. But this woman made him feel like he was eighteen again, with his whole life ahead of him, instead of a thirty-two-year-old man with all his family obligations.

The next couple of songs were fast but as soon as the slow tempo of Let’s Make Love started, they moved together as though drawn by magnets. As they wrapped arms around each other, he danced her off into an area with less lighting. Her head rested on his shoulder, her breaths puffing soft caresses of air on his neck. He wanted to kiss her. Hell, needed to kiss her, but he wasn’t sure how she would react.

Nonetheless, as they reached a shadowed spot, he lifted her chin until their gazes met. Her breath caught as she looked into his eyes. He leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss. When she didn’t pull away, he went back for a second and then a third taste of her mouth. As their lips met for the third time, she moved closer and her mouth opened slightly. Brock took advantage to sweep his tongue through the opening and into the heat of her mouth.

They shared breaths as the kiss got deeper and wetter until he finally pulled away and rested his forehead on hers.

“Damn, woman.” His heart kicked like a mule against his chest. “Your mouth is like a drug. I can’t get enough.”

He wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, threaded his fingers into her satiny hair and sealed his lips to hers again. At the same time, he walked her backwards, deeper into the dark niche he’d found for them.

Natalie’s legs quaked with nervous sexual attraction, so weak she feared they wouldn’t hold her upright. Brock Wade’s kisses were like sin and heaven rolled into one. His tongue slipped into her mouth to stroke and taste everywhere. Their tongues twisted together, their individual tastes mingled until Natalie wasn’t sure where she stopped and Brock started.

She let him back her into a dark corner, fully aware of what she was doing. Fun Natalie was in control now, completely shutting down any possible protests from Accountant Natalie. The area between her thighs grew hot and swollen with unresolved arousal. A whirl of heavy-duty lust spun in her gut and she pressed her achy sex against his hard cock.

Finally, sanity forced its way to her brain’s forefront. What was she doing? She barely knew this guy and yet her body burned with need for him. She hadn’t had sex since her divorce two years ago. She wanted sex. She missed it. Craved it. Wasn’t that what she promised herself? A wild and crazy time?

But she didn’t know this guy.

Her body didn’t seem to mind that fact, but still…

She lost her train of thought as he ran the tip of his tongue around the rim of her ear, then down the large tendon in her neck. He worked his way back up with kisses and nibbles. Chills marched down her spine, as fire leapt from nerve ending to nerve ending.

Grabbing his ass with both hands, she pulled his hardness against her. His butt was tight and firm and, heavens, she wanted to touch the flesh there.