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Hot Ex

Book 2: Carmichael Triplets Trilogy

About the Book

Fate can be a hormonal bitch

Finding your fiancé in the arms of another woman is every woman’s nightmare. I should know. I happened to me. Did I panic? Did I run crying from our house? Yes and yes. Did I fling myself into the arms of another man? Not exactly, but somehow Rex Dockery is always there, exactly where and when I need him…like now. Being with Rex was like riding a unicorn in the Kentucky Derby…a fantasy…a dream. But a girl’s real life can’t be a fantasy world forever, can it?

Thirteen years ago, I met the woman I knew I was going to marry, only she choose Harvard Law School instead me. Maybe I didn’t exactly ask her to marry me, but she had to know how I felt. Women knew these things intuitively, didn’t they? I dated and played the field while I played in the NHL. I’ve only been in Dallas two days when I find Claudia Carmicheal, the woman of my dreams, slumped outside my neighbor’s door in tears. Who ever made her cry like this is going to meet the end of my fist.

Fate is a funny thing. One minute it’s flinging couples to the opposite sides of the country and the next, it’s trying to make up for the past by slamming them back together. Can a couple go back and recapture the lightning in the bottle from their college days or will seeing each other only open healed wounds? Is it ever too late to start again?


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Published: Coming in 2024!
Formats: EbookPaperback
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Contemporary Romance