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Texas Bombshell

Book 11: Whispering Springs, Texas

About the Book

He isn’t looking to remarry. She’s focused on her career. When a shocking revelation reunites them, will they find their chemistry still burns hot?

Whispering Springs, Texas. Sheriff Marc Singer has settled into a comfortable life. Reconnecting with his large family after a childhood in Maine and military service, his only regret is the stormy marriage to his childhood sweetheart that ended sixteen years ago in divorce. So when his surprise birthday party is crashed by a hot-headed teen claiming to be his daughter, he calls the beautiful woman whose memory still fills his soul with longing.

Dr. Jennifer “Jenn” Tate finds fulfillment only in her job and her daughter. A widowed mother juggling a high-powered VP position with raising a brainiac teenager, she’s staggered when she answers the phone to the sexy voice of her first husband. When she learns her headstrong kid believes the small-town lawman is her real dad, the flustered mom leaves a conference in Amsterdam to sort out the mess.

With the DNA results in hand, Marc is stunned to discover he’s an instant parent, even as old feelings for his new kid’s mother threaten to upend his peaceful existence. Jenn isn’t sure Marc, or any single man, is ready for instant parental responsibility. While giving her daughter time to get to know Marc, it’s a daily struggle to ignore her racing pulse whenever their eyes meet.

Thrown together sixteen years after their divorce, Marc and Jenn must face the reality that one night of passion after their divorce left them with a lifelong connection. Will they find that time heals all wounds and give themselves a second chance? Can a divorced couple go home again?

Texas Bombshell is the touching eleventh book in the Whispering Springs, Texas western romance series. If you like relatable heroes, plenty of wit and charm, and tiny-town backdrops, you’ll adore Cynthia D’Alba’s tale of beginning all over again.

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The Details

Published: September 12, 2023
Publisher: Riante, Inc.
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-946899-47-7ASIN: B0CBSKQHZL
Genres & Tropes
Contemporary Romance, Western Romance, Sheriff, Later in Life romance, Second Chance Romance