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Join D’Alba’s Diamonds

Hey! You found my street team page. Cool! This is Cynthia D’Alba. When you’re on my website, you’re talking to me and I’m thrilled you’ve found me. I’m on the lookout for some awesome readers to join D’Alba’s Diamonds.

How do know if you want to be a Double D?

  • Are you a fan of my work?
  • Are you loving the Texas Montgomery Mavericks Series?
  • Do you get excited at the idea of getting advance reader copies?
  • Do you love to win gift cards and prizes picked exclusively for the D’Alba Diamonds?
  • Do you want to meet up with me at conferences or booksignings for breakfast or lunch or drinks?
  • Do you like the idea of exclusive opportunities to host me on your blog?

If you answered YES!


I’m looking for YOU! to join D’Alba’s Diamonds!

So what do I need you to do? It’s easy! You don’t have to do everything listed here. Do what you can and do those activities you feel comfortable doing. Since so much of my work is in digital format, a lot of what I need done is online…done from the comfortable of your own living room or bedroom. Heck, you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas. Here’s what YOU can do to help:

  • Talk up my books to friends (online and in person) and family
  • Post about my books and blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Goodreads, etc. In other words, anywhere a fellow romance reader might hang out.
  • Spotlight my interviews, book excerpts, book reviews and guest blogs on your blog, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter
  • When I do a blog tour, leave comments, encourage your friends to join the tour
  • Invite me to guest blog on your site
  • Encourage your friends and family to buy my books the first week they are out. This helps drive the rankings
  • Carry the special Street Team Bag and promo items with you to conferences and book clubs.
  • Share bookmarks, postcards, business cards and other promotional items provided by me with other readers, librarians, bookseller, book clubs, friends, family, and anyone else you think would enjoy Southern Style Romance
  • If your library has a digital section, ask them to order my books
  • Write reviews of my books on Amazon, B&, Goodreads, and other review sites
  • Recommend and like my books on Goodreads
  • If you read a 4 or 5 star rating for one of my books, “like” it! That helps.
  • Place the D’Alba’s Diamond Badge (on this page) on your blog or site.
  • Belong to the Street Team Facebook Group
  • Help recruit other like-minded readers to my team
  • Do whatever you can. 

Do any or all of these suggestions but by all means, be creative! If have an idea of a why to help bring me new readers, please try it! Then share it with the other members of the group on Facebook.

And trust me…I really appreciate everything you do. Your support means the world to me.

Interested? Ready to sign up? Super!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, the rising cost of shipping internationally forces me to limit shipments of promotional materials to the continental US. My apologies.

And THANK You!!

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