Her Bodyguard

“Hell no.” That’s what retired Army Ranger Chase Adams should have said when he was asked to do a favor for a friend. “It’ll be easy,” his friend had said. “No danger at all.”

After his run-in with an IED in Afghanistan leaves Chase Adams badly scarred, he comes home and takes a job that will use his brain and computer skills instead of his brawn. When his boss’s wife asks for a favor, how can he say no? So he’s off to Texas to help his favorite audiobook narrator with her latest project, the woman whose sultry voice got him through months of painful rehab. No bodyguard duties involved, or so he was told.

After an accident twenty years ago left Fiona Samuels legally blind, she has found critical and financial success as an audiobook voice actress. When her producer/audio engineer retires unexpectedly, her friends send a retired Army Ranger/computer whiz to help.

Long days of work become long nights of attraction. Chase never thought he’d find a woman who would see past the scars to the man beneath. He prays he will be there to protect her from the enemy they can’t see.

Note: This book was previously published as part of Brotherhood Protector World. 

Her Bodyguard

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Riante, Inc.;
2 edition (May 10, 2017)
New Covers and Title 2022

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Her Bodyguard

Great suspense with a twist

Suspense, mystery and romance with a side of creepy. This was a fantastic read and I have to say I never saw this particular bad guy coming. It was a great twist to the story. How do you protect yourself from an enemy you did not know you have?

Chase was injured in Afghanistan by an IED and left badly scarred. During his months of rehab he listened to audio books and was drawn to one particular voice that became his favorite of all. As a retired Army Ranger he takes a job utilizing his computer skills and through his boss’s wife gets the opportunity of a lifetime. As a favor he is asked to help out a friend of theirs, the sultry voice that helped him survive rehab, Fiona Samuels. He is told it is a simple job, helping her record her new project, no danger involved; just using his audio and computer skills to fill in for Fiona’s producer who unexpectedly retires leaving her in a tight spot. Aside from putting a face to the voice of his dreams, he has no idea what he signed on for or how much it could end up costing him.

Twenty years ago, Fiona was involved in an accident that killed her family and left her legally blind. Through struggles and hardships she has built a successful business as an audiobook voice actress. She works out of her home, she has her own studio and has kind of shut herself off from the world. Even though she is categorized as legally blind she can still see highlights of some shapes and images and she has an assistant who helps her with her day to day and a producer to help with her recordings, before he unexpectedly retires leaving her in need of assistance. Aside from needing help with her recordings strange things have started happening around her home. Not sure what to make of it, she mostly tries to put them out of her mind until things occur that cannot be ignored. She never had a clue she was in danger, let alone in her own home. Can she and Chase solve the puzzle before it is too late?

I really enjoyed the characters and watching them grow together as a couple. They both have their insecurities and reservations but they talk openly and share their struggles and feelings and it makes them stronger and more connected in the end. I also enjoyed the storyline and the plot of this book. It drew me in from the beginning and kept me wondering and guessing what was going to happen and who the bad guy was. I was shocked when they were finally revealed. I would never have guessed that twist and I absolutely loved the good news Fiona gets at the end. That was a great addition to the story.


Reader Review, Amazon.com

Exciting, thrilling and shocking

Two people who both have issues that stop people from looking at the true person. When they come together they see each other from a different point of view allowing each to really see inside the soul and heart of the other. Both have a secret that they are not willing to share with the other when that comes out there will be some very surprised people. What really held my attention was how these two fought the attraction due to their handicap which really isn’t as important as they think it is. The chemistry they have for each other was there before they even met which really pulls the reader in.

These two have more in common then they know both have had to live through some very heart breaking and trying times. It is kind of hard to be thankful for what you have and looking at it from the point of view things could have been worse. When you have to deal with people and your handicap it isn’t always easy to see the sunshine through the clouds when those around you make you feel you aren’t good enough or lacking. Which is somewhat the case here, as you read along your heart breaks for these two but I think more so for Chase due to how much he really gave and how things turned out.

There are some thrilling times and some heart stopping moments with a little mystery and some danger it really pulls you into the story from the first page. I was so hooked on this story I read it at one setting I just could not put the book down. The ending is a big surprise and you are left with your mouth hung open saying WOW. It may only be 84 pages but it is packed full with some shocking things along with some humor. I really enjoyed how this was a slow build but once it built up it was like a rocket taking off. Once you get over the shock and the danger the true ending will bring a tear to your eye. This was an outstanding read from start to finish that I promise is well worth the price and your time.


Reader Review, Amazon.com

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Copyright © 2017 Cynthia D’Alba
All rights reserved — Riante Romance, Inc

When her grandfather clock chimed six times, she was surprised to find a couple of hours had passed so quickly. Beside her, Huck’s fur tickled her leg as he stood. She waited, and it wasn’t long before Huck pressed his cold, wet nose into her leg, his sign for Feed me, woman!

Once she got his food and water bowls replenished, she leaned against the counter and removed her sunglasses long enough to rub her eyes before replacing the dark lenses. Her stomach let out a long growl, and she realized she’d forgotten to eat. Once she got involved with her book prep, everything else, including food, got shoved to the back of her mind

Before she could drag something out of the freezer for dinner, her front doorbell chimed. As a single woman living alone, and one with very limited vision, an unexpected caller in the evening put her on alert, which put Huck on alert. He abandoned his food and pressed his large body into her left leg.

“Stay,” she told him, and made her way to the house intercom. “Yes?”

“Hi,” a deep male voice said. “I’m Chase Adams. I’m looking for Fiona Samuels. Do I have the right house?”

Her interest piqued at the same time her stomach clenched. That voice was so familiar, but how could that be? Until Sadie mentioned Chase Adams, she’d never heard of him, but the voice on her speaker? That was eerily familiar, but there was no way, was there?

“This is Fiona.”

“Oh, hi, Ms. Samuels. Like I said, this is Chase Adams, your new producer and audio engineer. I thought, if you’re available, I’d introduce myself.”

Fiona hesitated. She wasn’t good with new people, and she’d counted on Lori being here as a buffer.

His voice sounded like that of the host of the “TV Guy” podcasts, but his name wasn’t Chase. What was it? Buzzard? No, that wasn’t it. Brain? No. Brian? No. Something that started with a B.

“Ms. Samuels?” Chase said, jarring her from her thoughts.

“Hold on. I’m coming. Give me a minute.”

The kitchen and living rooms were one big combined area that opened to the second floor. When someone entered her foyer, if the person walked forward, they’d pass between a couple of columns and into the living room. Turn right, and there was the kitchen. Look up, and they’d see the small living area on the second floor near her office where she spent much of her time. Between where she stood in the kitchen and the front door, only the columns filled the space.

She petted Huck, told him to stay and walked swiftly and confidently toward the door. She’d walked this path so many times that, as the old saying goes, she could walk it with her eyes shut. Still, she knew exactly where she was by the way her feet sounded as they clicked on the old planks.

As she neared the door, her shins collided with something wooden that shouldn’t be there. The object skittered backwards. Fiona cried out and fell forward, her arms flailing for something to brace herself. There was nothing. She landed with a loud thud on the hardwood floor.

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