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A Navy SEAL is fearless, focused, and resolute when it comes to his mission. But what if the mission is something he never trained for?
A Navy SEAL is fearless, focused, and resolute when it comes to his mission. But what if the mission is something he never trained for?

Navy SEAL Eric “Thor” Thorsten welcomes his sister and her best friend out to California for a vacation. He’s never forgotten the one kiss he shared with his sister’s friend ten years ago, but he has no intention of digging up the past. He’s far from perfect, but there are lines he won’t cross. Having a fling with his sister’s best friend is one of them.

Have you ever been in love-lust-craving for a person who doesn’t know you exist? Well, Isabella Paxton, aka Izzy, knows the feeling. She has been in love-lust-craving for her best friend’s older brother since the day she met him. She’s sure Eric Thorsten knows she exists, but only as his sister’s friend. How can she make him see her as the adult woman she is?

Eric’s past unexpectedly lands on his doorstep in the form of a four-month-old daughter. The daughter’s mother has died, and either he takes her or she will go into the foster system. Izzy Paxton steps forward to help. Eric and Izzy form a marriage of convenience until Eric gains full custody of his daughter. But both of them are keeping secrets…from each other and their families. The problem is the more time they spend together, the more the line blurs between gratitude and love.

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Chapter One

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

The mid-morning sun was already grueling when the team laced up and hit the beach for “only” a twenty-mile run. After thirteen years in the Navy, the last eight with the SEALs, Eric Thorsten, aka Thor, was used to these jogs. At least they’d been allowed to run in the wet sand for the first ten miles, but the return ten in the loose sand would be hell. However, he’d been on enough missions to know that being able to run twenty miles, no matter the terrain, could be the difference between life and death. While the platoon hadn’t been told their next mission, he was also used to the “need-to-know” mentality of the Navy and assumed the recent increase in training was an attempt to get the team ready for a mission he suspected would be physically demanding.

“Fuck, it’s hot as balls out here,” Heath “Banger” Diver said.

“Pussy,” Mason “Shippy” Bishop said. “We’re just starting the day.”

“Yeah, well, kiss my ass with those sugar lips of yours,” Banger said.

“If you two have time to chat, you aren’t working hard enough,” their team leader said. “Let’s take it up a notch.”

“Fuck me,” muttered Eric under his breath. “You two can it before I kick both your asses.” Only five miles into the run and sweat trickled down his face, as though a faucet on his forehead had been turned on. Without a hitch in his stride, he lifted his sleeveless T-shirt to wipe his face, then focused on the target downrange where he’d set his goal. Once there, he’d find another target further down. Over the years, he’d found he liked having small successes that added up to larger ones. But he was thankful the team wasn’t dressed in full gear for today’s run. Apparently, their team leader had a little heart…very little, but a heart nonetheless.

At the ten-mile mark—a pole in the sand that marked high tide—the platoon circled the pole and headed back toward Camp Pendleton.

“Holy shit,” Banger said. “Get a look at those two hotties.” He lifted his chin toward the beach ahead.

Pissed off that Banger would get them all in trouble again and double pissed off that Banger would let himself be distracted by a pretty woman while on an official run, Eric hesitated to shift his gaze off his target, but hells bells, he could use a little eye candy right now. His gaze shifted to the left, and a smile climbed onto his face.

The one on the right was a blonde wearing a bright red bikini that showcased all her curves and assets. The other woman was dressed in a yellow polka dot bikini. However, in his humble opinion, both suits showed way too much flesh.

“What do you think?” Banger said. “Hottest chicks we’ve seen today, right? I volunteer to offer my body to the one in the red bikini to use as her personal surfboard.” He pumped his eyebrows suggestively.

Eric rolled his eyes. “Please. Attractive sure, but nothing special.”

“Are you fucking kidding? The one on the left might make me rethink my bachelor days.”

Eric’s eye twitched at Banger’s comment. “Like I said, nothing special.”

“I bet you fifty dollars that I can get their names before you do,” Banger wagered.

“I don’t need names. I bet you fifty dollars that I can get those girls to kiss me just by jogging over and introducing myself.”

“You heard that, Echo One?” Banger called out to their team leader.

“Hear what, Banger?”

“Thor has bet me fifty big ones that he can get those girls to kiss him by just introducing himself, and—I’m adding this to the bet—he can’t ask them for kisses.”

Eric shrugged. “I won’t ask for a kiss.”

“Sure, Thor. Let’s see your magic hammer in action,” Echo One said with a chuckle.

“Okay, but the team has to stay back here. I don’t want to give away my never fail opening line,” Eric said.

“Agreed,” Banger said.

Eric cut off from the rest of the team and ran toward the two women catching some California sun rays.

“Hey,” he called as he got closer. “You got a permit to show all that skin on a public beach?”

The woman on the right jumped to her feet with a squeal of happiness, followed closely by the woman in the yellow polka dot bikini. Eric was immediately attacked from both sides as the women threw their arms around him and kissed his cheeks.

“You look so good,” his sister Raine, aka the hot chick in red, said. “But ick on all the sweatiness.”

Isabelle Paxton embraced him from the left. “Thor.” She kissed his cheek again. “You taste salty.”

Thor laughed at his sister and her best friend. “You have any trouble finding my place?”

“Nope,” Raine said.

“You’ve got a nice place,” Izzy said.

“Thanks. I’m glad to see you gals. It’s been a while. How’s Mom and Dad?”

“Good,” Raine said. She pulled her arm from around his waist. “I think those  guys at the water’s edge are  getting anxious to go.”

Eric glanced over his shoulder at his team. “Yeah, probably so.” He kissed each girl on top of the head. “See you this afternoon at the house. Not too much sun on the first day, or you’ll regret it. Take it easy.”

“Thanks, but I already have a dad,” Raine said.

“We’ll take it easy,” Izzy told him. “We’ve only been out here about thirty minutes, and we’re both wearing sunscreen with SPF-50.”

“Good.” Eric glanced behind hm  and then back to his sister and her friend. “While you’re here, stay a million miles away from SEALs. They are all a bunch of horny bastards who’ll give you all kinds of sexual diseases.”

Both women laughed.

“Got it,” Raine said. “See you tonight.”

Eric jogged back to where his team waited. “I’ll take my fifty in cash,” he said to Banger.

“You bastard,” Banger said. “What did you say to them?”

“They were appreciative of my warning about the dangers of sunburns. That’s it.”

“Let’s go, men,” Echo One said, and jogged out. He turned to jog backwards and said, “And Banger? Give Thor his fifty when we get back.”

“Will do.”

Banger glared at Eric. “I don’t know what you said to them, but I don’t believe for one minute that strange women kiss you wherever you go.”

Eric shrugged. “I don’t care what you believe. And in case you didn’t hear me before, I want my fifty in cash.”

“Asshole,” Banger muttered, which made Eric laugh and the jog back a little sweeter.

After the twenty-mile run, the team headed for the O-Course to finish out their day. As one of the oldest and most experienced SEALs, Eric handled the physical challenges easily while the younger guys on the team huffed and puffed through the course. This wasn’t the first time he’d run the miles before the obstacle course, but that order made for a hell of a day. Nine challenges and he could call it day. He chuckled to himself. Any one of those nine obstacles would prove difficult for the average guy, or gal, but then SEALs weren’t average. In his opinion, his team was the best of the best, and credit had to be given to his leaders.

He hit the first five challenges without slowing his pace, except when pawing under the barbed wire of the low crawl. Usually, he didn’t mind that one, but he was already sweaty, and crawling through the sand turned his body into a magnet. Sand clung to him everywhere. No time to think about that. He popped out from under the logs and raced for the cargo net climb. Up and over the top and back down the net. Then he hit the balance logs, the hooyah logs, and the transfer ropes. He was moving through the course ignoring every other SEAL, as well as any comments from his commanders. Ahead lay the worse obstacle…the Dirty Name.

Like most SEALs, he hated this obstacle. It required leg and arm strength to climb, but each jump to the next log also necessitated slamming his gut into the log. Eric jumped upwards to catch his hold on the first horizontal log. He caught the log by wrapping his arms around it while slamming his stomach into the punishing hard surface. Then hoist himself atop it to launch himself upwards toward another log. As with the initial log, to get a hold, he had to wrap his arms around the fat log, again pounding his stomach against it hard surface. He swung a leg over the second log, climbed on top, and jumped to the ground. The dual blows to the gut always brought a few choice grunts and cuss words from the O Course participants, thus its name. In his mind, it was the sonofabitch.

He was halfway through the course, confident he would finish first on the team today. He was sure he wouldn’t beat his best time. The morning jog had made sure they all came to the O-Course without fresh legs.

What many trainees failed to recognize was that on the O-Course, arm strength was as important as leg muscles. Many of the obstacles, such as the tower climb and the Burmese Bridge required more arm muscles than legs. So, even though his legs had taken the brunt of the morning workout, his arms were getting put through the wringer on the O-Course.

When he leapt onto the Spider Wall, he took his first look around to see where the rest of his team was. He was in second place behind Banger. That asshole was going to beat him to the finish. Eric should have beat him out of a hundred bucks instead of only fifty.

The two teammates raced for the finish line, with Banger clearing it only seconds before Thor.

Fuuuuck,” Banger said, bending from his waist.

Eric slapped his back, “Pussy.”

Banger looked up. “Yep, love pussy. Why do you ask?”

Eric shook his head and headed inside to their storage cages.

After showers, as the platoon was dressing to leave, their CO entered. “Good workout today, guys. Tomorrow, be here at oh-five-hundred.”

The team waited until the CO was out of earshot before the groans and bitching began.

Eric rattled Banger’s cage. “A fifty will be fine, or two twenties and a ten, or even fifty one-dollar bills.” He held out his hand.

“Asshole,” Banger answered as he slapped a fifty-dollar bill into Eric’s outstretched hand.

“Let this be a lesson.”

“Don’t bet with you?” Banger replied.

“Don’t ogle another man’s sister.”

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