Something’s Burning

A Firefighter Sexy Neighbor Scorching Hot Short Romance

 If love instant, alpha males and scorching hot love scenes are your thing, you’ll love this one.

When Roman’s sexy neighbor accidentally burns down his fence, he demands repayment, but it’s not money he’s wanting.

Bree has had her eye on her hunky neighbor since he moved in. After destroying his fence, she offers a unique payment-in-kind.

They are matches and gasoline when they finally meet.


Something’s Burning

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Something’s Burning

“Something’s Burning” by Cynthia D’Alba: Bree has a dire problem: she can’t grill. She’s successful and independent and is a doctor for cryin’ out loud, but she just can’t grill. When a cooking effort goes terribly wrong, she burns down her next-door neighbor, Ronan’s fence down. And Ronan’s the lieutenant at the local fire department… oh, the irony. There’s only one way in mind he has for her to make it up to him, and it’s definitely not a neighborly endeavor. Entertaining fellatio story whose pages sizzle 

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